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Dreams are like highways, gets lost with distance… so went the song. Are dreams meant to be lost? yes, no, maybe…, perhaps, dreams are not landmarks to be reached, but something to be pursued. Dreams do not have any destination, but are guideposts.

Dreams have continuity, they are not static, but dynamic. It is the courage, principles and the ideas that one pursues and by which one vouche for, and abides by in prosperity or adversity – are the elements that constitute a dream. Just gaining some material thing or achiving some position is not fulfilment of dreams. Dream is not a destination, it is a journey to be pursued, goals to achieve and create newer goals of excellence. Dream is imagination, dream is creative excellence. Dreams sometimes also transforms itself to even obsessions, where the urge to achieve has become a living reality – and every moment of ones existence is a manifestation towards greater excellence in fulfilment of those dreams.

Dreams without reality is mere day-dream. We should not confuse dream with day-dream. Day-dream we should avoid at all costs, in every situation. It is the difference that is between a showman and a show-off. Day-dream is show-off. Worse, day-dream is laziness, avoidence of hard work and shirking from owning upto ones responsibility. Day-dream wastes time, effort and energy, making one live in a make-belief world that is neither true, nor has any chance to be true. Day-dream is like marijuana – gives a short euphoria and then the void.

Dreams are like ones doctrine of faith. It is something to live and die for. It contains many interrelated goals, but having a consistent philosophy. It brings clarity to ones existence. It gives meaning to ones life. Dreams are like a personal mission statement of ones life. Dreams are the cherished desires, a wonderful customised roadmap of ones life.

Dream can be anything. A king may renounce the world and become a sage or an indigent through hard work becomes wealthy – both are fulfilling a dream. However dreams to be valid has to be ethical. For example, if someone is thinking of killing someone, then that cannot be a dream – that is crime. Dreams can only be positive – it cannot be negative. And even as such, dreams to become reality require tremendous amount to positive energy and goodwill. One cannot be successful, if the dreams have negative elements in it.

Dreams require continued immersion in ones work – its like trance. Its unison of individual, thought and time – both present and future. It is driven by the individual, by certain principles, with certain objectives, and with dedication and honesty. Those who dream, are bound to be successful. Right thought, right attitude and right effort goes a long way to achievement of the ones dreams.

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