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What is luck? Serendipity? Design? Consequence of hard work? Destiny? There are so many things that goes by the name luck.

Often, we consider luck to be a factor of success, and we always wish if we were lucky then we wouldn’t have to toil so much, that we could get things with little efforts.

Is luck a factor for success? The knowledgeable would say that its 100% hard work. The ones who have made it would say that they were lucky! And that is because there are millions of people who are struggling to achieve their goals and ambitions, but there are only a few who rise to the very top, who are recognized globally, who are ‘world famous’

Is luck a probability factor, that works in a mathematical manner? or it really defies the statistical laws, but is more biased towards some, in some divine manner? These are some questions that one needs to think about.

After all, everyone is born in their life with certain goals. Yes, I do believe in destiny. And in that if one is able to identify one’s destiny sooner, then it gives the person an additional intangible support from the universe – as Paulo Coelho would say, the universe conspires to make it happen. If on the other hand, one has not identified or found one’s destiny, then the universe cannot do much, and one is like that lone boat being pushed around in the vast waves of the cosmic ocean.

One needs to keep oneself ‘self-aware.’ Here, ‘mindfulness’ is useful to understand. We need to see and understand the clues and signals that the universe is in a way messaging us in our daily life. Little things happening around us can give us the clues whether we are on the correct path or it’s the wrong path.

If we are going in the correct path of our Karma, or we are simply stuck in a Karmic whirlpool.

At the same time, the concept of Karmayoga is useful to keep ourselves calm – do your work without an eye on the result. That you are doing your karma is more important. If one gets sucked about the results, then it only creates doubts and anxiety which is quite contrary to the manifestation of destiny. And if one is on the path which is not one’s destiny, there would be lots of hurdles and failures. Maybe – that’s a signal from the universe that one should take the path where one is wanted, and not down the path where one is not required.

The destiny shall be in accordance to ones action – as the adage says – as you sow, so shall you reap. If one keeps thinking more about the destiny, one tends to ignore ones karma. To succeed, one should therefore keep ones focus on the karma. And that too Karma in the right direction, the direction where one’s heart takes us, not the direction which are guided by our anxieties and fears.

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