Perspective in Life

Perspective in Life

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It is very important to have perspective in life. The perspective gives:

1) Direction
2) Reason for movement in that direction
3) Understanding of ones motivation

Life becomes simple if one takes these small steps.

But each of such actions requires effort. If one thinks that even the easiest and small movements would be easy – then that is not the case. The impediments can be many –

1) Ones own past habits
2) Emotional or other considerations to near or dear ones
3) People known and not known
4) Circumstances and situations (including money)

But these should not hamper ones action and willingness to do and motivation to move ahead.

There are always ways and means to achieve what one desires. If not this way then that way – but the criteria is – that such ways should be morally positive.

Perspective is also necessary as a control mechanism. It keeps one focused. Much of life’s battles are lost due to lack of being focused. The reason is that one wants to do so many things in life – that one will not practically be able to do. In such cases, the perspective keeps one focused and bound to the task at hand and dissuades one from getting strayed by external diversions.

Perspective is like the “Objective Statement” or the “Goal” of life. The more specific the better. Its always better to have a statement like – “I will become a lawyer”, rather than “I want to get university education”.

To be specific is to be focused. To be focused is to keep things in perspective. To have the perspective of oneself – is the first step towards meaningful life.

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