How much Speed is Good Enough in Life?

Speed in Life

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Life is of limited time – and there are lot many things to do. At least, many things attract our attention, and we can do many things – no doubt in that. Even in the ordinary course of life, we have to do diverse things, we may not be expert in all of them.

So, what we do? We try to grapple with all those things and try to speed them up. However, in my view speed is not always a good thing. Promptness, alertness, and quick response is one thing to have – but speed?

Often, we may find that many times if we take a pause, many issues which take our attention on a particular day goes into oblivion in a few days. Either they solve themselves or they even resolve themselves without our interventions.

When we speak of speed, think of track racing. The record of 100 m race is less than 10 seconds. However, would such an athlete be able to keep that speed in a marathon? The answer is obvious. Life is a marathon. To try to run it like 100 m is only wasting of ones time and energy, because the model of speed is not sustainable in real life.

In real life what is sustainable is consistency and results. It is consistency in life that produces results. To be able to do a thing, with quality, requires a stable mindset and stable action plan. It is the stable thinking and working – ie. consistency – that is productive.


1) Respond Promptly
2) Work diligently
3) Put consistent Effort

Results would follow automatically.

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