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Travel with a purpose

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In life pilgrimage is necessary. Such travel not only keeps you close to religion, but also keeps the mind open to the wide world out there.

As we like to move out whenever time permits, it seems useful that we make our trips with some purpose. And what can be a better purpose than making pilgrimage to different parts of India.

As part of such a thing, we have decided to visit pilgrim sites. The list here is primarily for reference.

(A) The 12 jyotirlingas of India
These are the holiest of temples of lord Shiva.

1. Somnath (Gujarat) Status: VISITED Jan 2013

This is a huge well maintained temple. To visit Somnath, one has to got to Verawal. Verawal & Somnath are like twin city. The railway station is there both at Verawal and Somnath

2. Mallikārjuna (Andhra Pradesh)

3. Mahakaleshwar (Madhya Pradesh). Status: VISITED

We visited Mahakal temple that is situated in Ujjain in Mar 2011.

4. Omkareshwar (Madhya Pradesh)

5. Kedarnath (Uttarakhand)

6. Bhimashankar (Maharashtra) Status: VISITED

7. Kashi Vishwanath (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh) Status: VISITED

We visited Kashi Vishwanath in 2003. That was a nice place to be in. The temple is situated near the Ghat on Ganga river. Also near Varanasi is the buddhist site of Sarnath. It is also a beautiful site to visit.

8. Trimbakeshwar (Maharashtra) Status: VISITED

This is situated near Nashik in Maharashtra. Visited this in Nov 2011

9. Vaidyanath (Jharkhand)

10. Nageshvara (Gujarat) Status: VISITED Jan 2013

The Nageshwar temple is located on the route between Dwarka and Okha. The temple is located at remote location. The temple is very beautiful. There is a certain serenity / peacefulness in the temple.

11. Rameshwar (Tamil Nadu)

12. Grishneshwar (Maharashtra) Status: VISITED

(B) The Four Dhams (CharDham)
These are the four places which were setup by Adi Shankarasharya

1. Badrinath

2. Dwarka Status: VISITED Jan 2013

Dwarka has two places – one is the temple at main Dwarka, the other is Beyt Dwarka – which an island off the port town of Okha. Dwarka is a very small beautiful coastal town. The centerstage being the temple. Okha is around 15 – 20 kms from Dwarka. From Okha one has to take on boat to ride to the island where the ancient temple of Sri Krishna is situated.

3. Jagannath Puri Status: VISITED

We visited Jagannath Puri in 2003. It was part of the trip we made to Bhubaneshwar – Puri – Konark circuit. Puri also has a beautiful beach and lots of hotel on the beach. The city lies on the Bay of Bengal. Eventhough, Orissa faces the wrath of cyclone every year, Puri is not touched by nature in wrong way!

4. Rameshwaram

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