Awesome Watch: Casio Databank DB-360-1ADF (DB 27)

Casio Wrist Watch

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I bought this watch Casio Databank DB-360-1ADF (DB 27) recently and this is awesome. I have always preferred analogue watches to digital watches – as I felt that digital watches seemed cheap in looks. However, I bought this digital watch for certain features. Besides, I found it to be value for money watch.

But when I got it, I found it also looked fantastic.

It has all the features that one may wish for in a good watch – including stop watch, timer, alarm (5 alarm), backlight, dual time etc. It can also store 30 data (that’s why its called databank watch)

It can display the time in 12 Hrs/ 24 Hrs format. It has a hourly time signal (2 beeps every hour, if you want it). It can display the day in 13 different languages.

Its very easy to use and I am loving it 🙂

Of-course it cannot be compared to specialised watches that has ABC systems (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) or heart rate monitors etc.

If time is your object of focus – then this is a great watch to have.

The watch can be bought from any online store.

3 thoughts on “Awesome Watch: Casio Databank DB-360-1ADF (DB 27)

    1. In Telememo you can store 30 data. Each data comprises of 3 alphabetic + 15 numeric

      Its a very good watch (also looks stylish) – looks better on wrist than the adverts 🙂

  1. If you liked this watch may be you should go thru the specs of CASIO DB E30. I have always been a fan of Casio Digital Watches. The most attractive feature of the above mentioned watch is it is a solar powered watch & that too including all features of a Databank watch & further it also has a illuminated backlit screen for better visibility in night & you can set an option to have the screen glow automatically when you bring the watch in darkness in front of your face. Glad to see someone praising a Casio digital watch, coz not everyone likes a digital watch, but I prefer digital watches for their simplicity of showing exact time & feature rich useful options. And you are right these watches looks better on wrist. I purchase my solar watch in Dec 2011 @ 2600/-.

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