Review of Amazing Timex Expedition T49967 Analog Digital Watch

Timex Expedition T49967 Analog Digital

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I had wanted an analog digital watch for quite sometime. But due to variety of models was only able to shortlist a few.

Some criteria were very clear. I did not want unrequired things like the ABC – Altimeter, Barometer, Compass. I also did not have the requirement of Temperature. Usually in my view, such watches should be bought by only those people who have specific requirements for such features. These features would have been frankly futile for me.

The Buying Process:

For the Analog Digital watch I searched the net for various models and brands. These included the models of Maxima, Q&Q, Timex, Casio, Titan etc. Here I must add, that some of the Casio Edifice models that I had shortlisted – I found that in general, Casio Analog Digital models did not have the seconds hand.

Timex is a trusted watch brand, and I have Timex watch (Aqura) that is running smooth for past 20 years (Timex have even stopped that line of watches!). In general I trust Timex quality (& I have a few other Timex wrist watches as well). In this case, this particular model had all the features as per my requirements and therefore I shortlisted it. I was a bit divided on the model – particularly for colour (there are three colours available) – but finally shortlisted this model and colour – Timex Expedition T49967. I found this black-green to be very classic looking model.

Also though the MRP is 5995 but street price being lesser was another plus. Though it was not any of the “discount season”, the price of the watch was pretty much good.

I have purchased watches previously from both Amazon and Snapdeal. And when I bought this Timex T49967, the price on Amazon and Snapdeal was exactly the same. But I chose Amazon (perhaps because it contains a better “trust level” compared to other website). Besides from the particular seller XL Retail, I have earlier bought another watch and the whole purchase upto delivery was pretty good.

For some time, Amazon has been using the services of Postal Department – Speedpost for delivery to my city. And services of postal department are excellent. I ordered on 18th Jan evening and got it on 22nd Jan afternoon. (even when the tracking was still showing that the item was dispatched to CST Mumbai)

Usually everytime the parcel of Amazon purchases arrives in well packed Amazon marked parcel which are in polythene packs and well sealed. This time I was for shock. And when I saw the parcel my heart sank.

Various stories of bricks being delivered by online portals entered my mind. Yet I took the delivery (having some faith on Amazon that in case of any issue they would issue refund, and also having some faith on our postal system). After I signed the receipt, I decided to take some pics of the parcel – so that it be very clear as to how that parcel was sent (There was not even a polythene cover whether inside or outside).

But thank God that I received the watch in excellent condition. The watch is a superb watch.

I had corresponded with XL Retail prior to the purchase, and they wrote back by email “You will get the stamped warranty card and tax invoice along with the watch.” The warranty only has an XL Retail seal without any entries or references. The tax invoice is computer printout without any company seal (but only having a *printed* “Authorised Signatory”)

Even the watch I had previously purchased through Snapdeal came with all the entries and stamps correctly put on the invoice and warranty card.

I am not sure why some sellers on Amazon and Flipkart don’t put their seals and stamps correctly at correct places.

About the watch:

There are three models of this Timex Expedition watch – one with black dial (this one), the other two come with beige and blue dials. Initially I had thought of the beige dial, but I find the combination of black and green very classy, and also the high contrast dial I find very functional.

In timer mode (and perhaps even alarm mode), the beep comes with flashing of light. The instruction manual comes clubbed for instructions for various models. And one has to decipher through the instructions. There are various configuration options for this watch.

On the digital mode, one can put the display to any mode – like second time mode, date and day, timer mode, alarm mode, chrono mode.

It is a superb watch. In night the hour and minute hands glow up. And all praise for the indiglo – which is simply great. The indiglo lights up the analog part and also the digital part. This indiglo thing distinguishes Timex from all other watches including Casio Gshocks. Other brands have different ways to light up, but indiglo is the best that glows up the whole dial. The indiglo looks even better in such analog – digital watch compared to only digital watch

The watch is highly configurable. For example the day date in the normal digital watches have the format MMDD. Whereas, in this watch one can configure whether one wants it in MMDD format or DDMM format

The watch is water resistant for 200 meters. And also shock resistant. Perhaps its positioned in competition to GShock. The official Timex page for this model uses the term “Double Shock”

The buttons are resin / plastic and therefore more comfortable to push them compared to metal buttons.

Overall it is an excellent watch. The watch looks awesome and superb on wrist.

It may be of interest to note, that while Timex itself is a USA brand and a private company – its manufacturing facilities are located at various places worldwide, including India. However this watch bears barcode that indicates the country of origin / manufacture is USA.

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