Pilot Celemo Fountain Pen Review

Pilot Celemo

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When I got this Pilot Celemo on my hands, I was highly delighted – and could not think of any other colour but red ink for this FP.

I had bought a Pilot Decimo but due to certain confusion over shipping method from Japan had to cancel the transaction. (Decimo is still on my buy list)

At that time, Celemo was available at a fairly reasonable price (though a fair price might have been Rs. 400-500 less). The black version was available for 400 less. However, I went ahead for this Red Celemo that had caught my fancy.

I decided to buy this FP from within India and save myself the time and anxiety of a fountain pen travelling from the far east. I got the FP on fourth day of shipping.

The Box: The FP came in a gift box that also contained

1) One Con 50 converter
2) One Cartridge
3) Instruction Sheet

Pilot Celemo

Pilot Celemo

The FP is plastic body. The nib on Pilot Celemo is 14 carat gold nib. The marking 585 on such 14 K gold nibs mean 58.5% purity. 14/24 is round about that figure. Similarly on 18 K nibs we find the marking 750 which means 18/24 = 75% purity.

Pilot Celemo

Eventhough the body is plastic, it feels much better than the other Pilot plastic FPs that I have like the 78G and NSF. The section on this Celemo FP is a bit longer, and adds to comfort of the grip.

The nib: The nib is very smooth. Pilot is anyway known for smooth nibs – and that makes me a fan of Pilot FPs. I bought this as a Medium nib, because the Japanese medium is a pretty comfortable width to read and write. The Japanese medium is like the European Fine.

The nib is securely folded around the feed – and I understand that the nib cannot be detached from the feed. (I have avoided doing the Lamy tape trick on this)

Posting: The Celemo can be posted securely. The size is also comfortable even without posting.

Converter: The Con50 converter came bundled with the FP and it takes a decent amount of ink. I am pretty much more comfortable with the Con50 converter compared to the Con20. Buying from India has had that advantage that I got Con50. The standard converter for shipments from Japan is Con20. As to Con70, while it would fit, it would be quite big for the barrel to accomodate.

The Colour: The red colour is very subtle and looks royal / regal with the golden colour trims – its very pleasing to the eyes.

Price: Given the price bracket and affordability of the FP its a must buy. If Pilot had raised the bar with its Metropolitan / MR range, it has again done a similar thing for the gold nib FP with Celemo.

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