Review: Five Lives Remembered by Dolores Cannon

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Five Lives Remembered by Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon belonged to a family of Naval Officer of USA. She and her husband got interested in hypnotism in 1960, while stationed in Philippines.

This book Five Lives Remembered, is about her first stumbling into the concept of past life. A navy wife, Anita Martin (which is an pseudonym for the actual subject) who had trouble with weight and blood pressure, wanted to try hypnosis to deal with her problems. With consent of her doctor, who was common friend, the Dolores agreed to do the hypnosis. It was in process of this hypnotic session when the subject suddenly regressed into past life. These sessions were conducted in 1968, but the book was published in 2009.

This is a fascinating read and takes us through the journey of life of the subject through different time periods of history. In this, as the title of the book, the subject is able to recall past five lives in the state of regression. One should remember that this past life regression happened two decades earlier than that conducted by Dr. Brian Weiss, who has put his first regression experience of 1980 in the famous book “Many Lives, Many Masters” (published 1988).

A few points are worth mentioning in the Dolores book. In the incarnations that the subject recalled, she was made to write their name in that state of trance. In each of such instance, the subject wrote its name as she would have written when she actually lived that life. The handwriting had no resemblance with the present handwriting of the subject.

The second fascinating thing was that many of the information provided by the subject were researched into and found to be true.

The third thing of interest is that the subject was asked specific questions relating to present and future. Certain things relating to life of Cannons came true later on. Also, the subject was asked on the contemporary event like the assassination of J.F. Kennedy, to which the subject offered what she could see on that day happening.

In that state of trance, the subject, “…had seen the continental Unites States laid out below her like a child’s map”. I could only imagine as if we zoom into the Google Map, the subject in the state of trance would have seen and zoomed into the places relating to questions being asked.

Another thing that in this book, through different life times, what the subject knows in terms of level of meaning of words or things in present life, that information is not available to her when regressed to past lives of previous centuries. If that was not enough, the subject, who was a swimming instructor, would categorically state in one of her regressed life that she did not knew swimming.

This book is a fascinating and captivating read for anyone who is interested in the subject of past life. The style of writing is simple with question and answer format in which the regression was conducted. The author provides brief commentaries or explanations wherever required.

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