After a Long Silence

After A Long Silence

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Silence on my blog doesn’t mean silence, not even inertness, at my end. I was working on my own manuscript that gave me little time to do anything here. My interactions were happening with other fab authors in a few groups.

In the meantime, besides writing, I read many books, but did not post any review. The reviews here cannot be a street appreciation of a book as five stars or its description as very good. Something more needs to be spoken than just the character or the story or the plot.

A review is a response, an interpretation, an understanding. It’s also a gamut of emotions that one went through while reading the book.

Though, understanding and feeling is an automatic unconscious activity of getting lost in the story, review is a conscious effort to express them in a structured manner. That requires effort – the time for which I did not have in the past few months.

Often for review, I go through a book twice over.

Many of the books that I read in recent times are in the e-book form, which are very handy to read – no thick weight of paper, and all books exactly the same size and weight of a reader or the cell-phone to which the palm is accustomed. Besides, there is the ease of purchase, no delays, no waiting, no worries about the storage space, and most importantly the size of font is so convenient to adjust.

But the e-book poses inconvenience for purpose of review. I cannot flip pages at will, and I cannot refer two – three pages at different places of the book for reference at the same time. A paper book is like an open field, the whole of which is visually accessible in an instant, but this is not the case with e-books where only one screen stares at me at any given time.

But, now I think, if I like a book, which becomes obvious by the time I have read the initial four-five chapters, and I continue to read it, I would take notes that can come handy for purpose of review.

I have decided that I will post at least a review every fortnight, and if possible one every ten days.

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