Book Review: Apple of My Eye by Claire Allan

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Book Review: Apple of My Eye by Claire Allan
Avon Books UK
Genre: Psychological Thriller (I got an e-ARC from Netgalley)

This book Apple of My Eye by Claire Allan is written in multiple POV and reading it, one can think it’s a straightforward story of two women – one the protagonist, the other the antagonist, both engrossed in their life situation and objectives. The voices for both are first person present tense. However, in that simplicity lies hidden so many knots and dark secrets and lies that it is difficult to fathom. It’s only by the latter half of the book that one begins to piece together the puzzle, just like it takes time for the protagonist to understand what is really happening.

But, to reach this point of understanding, it may take long that some readers may lose interest. I for once had given up on the book, yet prodded through. And suddenly at a point the story becomes fascinating and starts to make sense.

Eliana Hughes is a seven month pregnant nurse and her life is put to upheaval by mysterious notes that make her doubt everything around her, to the extent that her relationships are falling apart. And all this happening when she is seven month pregnant.

In conclusion, this is a book of obsession, jealousy, villainy and dark secrets, within a family, even if the family consists only of two persons. It is a highly twisted tale and takes the reader on a spin where time coalesces as if past and present have merged to not only take the reader off course but also provide sympathy for the protagonist, to the point one feels the same anguish as the main character.

The book may seem to be triple POV, but it’s really dual POV. Overall a very intelligent use of plotting, and good character development that they appear real. An excellent book.

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