Book Review: The Forest God by Jamie Lackey

The Forest God by Jamie Lackey

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Book Review: The Forest God by Jamie Lackey
Air and Nothingness Press
Genre: Fantasy Novella (I got an e-ARC from Netgalley)

This is a Novella length book with a beautiful story. A forest God who can reincarnate in different life forms, in this current life it is a rabbit. There is an Apprentice Witch, who has been an apprentice for fifteen years, and has a perception about herself and her past. And a young Lord of that village who lives a rather carefree life. The forest is enchanted.

The interaction among characters, and of the characters with their family leads to a string of disclosures. In all these, they have a learning that they were unaware of. In a way, the three are bound to the land by their actions and self worth. That action includes sacrifice and responsibility, and in the cosmic scheme death and rebirth. The village is gradually becoming moribund because the balance has been lost. The young lord has to overcome certain obstacles to become a true inheritor of his position.

In all this process not only the balance is restored, but also the characters are able to earn their position and save the gradual deterioration of the village land.

With themes of sacrifice and duty, adventure, mystery and folktale enmeshed together, it’s a layered story.

Overall excellent.

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