Book Review: Love, Loss, Lockdown by Sneha Jaiswal

Love, Loss, Lockdown

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Book Review: Love, Loss, Lockdown by Sneha Jaiswal

I picked up this book in moments of serendipity, where I wanted to read a different book than the usual story that comes shut within the walls of genre.

Often when we hear about pandemics and stories relating to it, we start to imagine many things that may be described by the term – dystopia. And, in recent times, I have been avoiding books with such storylines.

Besides, I thought this was one novel length story (perhaps, I should be reading the descriptions & reviews more carefully). I was skeptical while beginning this book.

The book, in fact, came as a surprise. These are a set of delightful short stories. Each of these stories deal with different themes, different characters, different sets of circumstances. And in some ways, somewhere the story gets enmeshed in the pandemic of our time. The good thing is that in most of the stories, the Covid-19 pandemic is dealt as an event rather than being the theme of the story.

So, there are stories of a person working in a maintenance workshop, of a partition survivor, a political worker visiting family, a soldier in the front, college girls discussing their boyfriends, and so on.

I loved the way the stories were developed. The stories are very well written, and there is a flow in them, and I finished the book in one sitting! The little details in the stories are taken care of in a well researched manner.

Overall, an excellent book and a quick read.

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