Book Review: Lord’s Dome by E.D.E. Bell

Lord's Dome, E.D.E Bell

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Book Review: Lord’s Dome by E.D.E. Bell
Publishers: Atthis Arts
Genre: Fantasy / Slipstream (I got an e-ARC from Netgalley)

This book was a surprise in a good way. It is a well crafted book, and the story makes one think of some deeper questions of existence.

There is a mountain, and mining its blue core is essential to survive. An everstorm is raging. This mining is necessary for protection within the dome “until Salvation when the everstorm cleared and Lord was able to return.”

This is the belief, but through gradual process of self discovery, the main character, Gu Non who is a sceptic, discovers the truth and make others around him realize the truth that shakes off the establishment and the hierarchy. It’s a slipstream fantasy with mashups of beliefs and magic in a way that the author is able to gradually captivate the reader to a point where everything becomes hazy as to what is truth, what to believe and what are the inherent lies.

Some of the questions in the book make one ponder on many things of real life as well. Eg.

“If Lord protected us from evil with a dome, why didn’t he fight the evil? Or warm the dome?” … Gu Non wasn’t done. “And where are the priests to allow us to ask these questions? To help us understand why we must suffer for so long…” …To a priest, understanding equaled faith. Not questions.

It is the sceptics, the asking of questions that brings forth the reality. If I’ve to do a comp for it, I would say, it’s Red Rising (Pierce Brown) meets Empire of Sand (Tasha Suri). The writing I found to be on the formal side. As the story progresses, the flow of language also improves.

Overall, enjoyed reading this book.

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