The Bedside Book of Life by Jal Patel: Amazing

The Bedside Book of Life by Jal Patel

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The Bedside Book of Life – A Book For Lifetime

The Bedside Book of Life by Jal Patel, having a beautiful cover, is an absolutely fabulous book that I’ve come across after a long time. Having read many authors/ practitioners – nearly all the books written by Brian L Weiss, Dolores Cannon (some of which I’ve also reviewed here), Michael Newton, and many others, this book came as a pleasant surprise. The title of the book can be a misnomer that gives an impression as if it is some book of affirmations and good thoughts that can be read before sleep.

In fact, this book can take an equal space with the authors mentioned above. This book is divided into small chapters – but behold – these small chapters has so much to think about that even I, who am conversant with the subject, had to pause to absorb what had been written. This book is divided into three parts, Part 1 (Soul Notes, Chap 1 – 36), Part 2 (Life Notes, Chap 37 – 51), and Part 3 (Healing Notes)

Although this is a small book of 200 odd pages, this is not a book that one can rush through. It puts oneself to lots of thinking and forces one to recall many events in life.

Our destinies are woven through our karmic actions from the past and present-life karma.

When I was a kid I had a very impactful “experience,” and this book validates it. The reader who is interested in subjects of spirituality, parapsychology, paranormal, spirits, angels, NDEs, PLRs, then they will find this book immensely useful and instructive.

We may not realise this, but we receive help and guidance from the universe through other people… we cross paths for this purpose.

This is not exactly a self-help book in the traditional sense, rather it explains how we are connected with the invisible powers and how our life is just a small fraction of the soul journey.

I’ve wanted several things, but I, soon, realised that no matter what I do, I will not get them if I am not meant to. I have stopped wasting my energy and forcing my ego to go after the things I was not even meant to have… knowing that what I was meant to have will eventually find me.

I ended up highlighting various paragraphs throughout the book, which I do very rarely. This is a self-introspection book and each sentence is filled with profound wisdom.

The subconscious mind is the black box of the soul… The mind is part of the soul and travels with it. There is a subconscious connection between the people we repeatedly meet, karmic debts, and the events intertwined in our destiny.

This bedside book of life is well researched and touches the various aspects of the realm of spiritual and karma and how an individual exists within the myriad forces of the infinite.

Unconditional love carries with it the top notes of compassion, wrapped in a base of kindness, with hints of healing… a subtle intoxication of a high vibration

The author, Jal Patel, is of Indian origin and resides in Tanzania in East Africa and is herself an Angel Teacher. The book is well researched and also contains Notes and References and a Bibliography that is a list of wonderful books one can read to further ones understanding of the subject dealt with in this book.

This Bedside Book of Life is not only informative, it also gives insight into our spiritual dimensions and is capable of changing perspectives of our life. This book in a way is encyclopedic in its scope, but concise and brief that the contents of the encyclopedia does not remain inaccessible and unread, but is read and pondered over by the reader.

The Bedside Book of Life is a fabulous read and highly recommended.

Anup Mukherjee

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