Abundance Secrets

Even those with big money lose their mind and sleep on loss of small amounts. They understand the value of even small amounts, because it's only the small amounts that accrue to bigger amounts.

Everyday Kindness

Everyday Kindness: 365 Ways to a Peaceful Life is a wonderful book with amazing and inspiring quotes - one for each day. The focus is on Kindness, and a reminder that to be human is to be kind.

Simplify Life and Be Happy

Simplify Life because to have success one needs focus, and to have happiness one needs mindful awareness. A simple life gives fulfilment and empowers ones existence in this great exploration of Life.

Giving Gifts and Accepting Gifts

Gifts are part of personal and social life. However, there are many factors and aspects associated with the noble act of giving gifts and receiving gifts.

Kundalini by Om Swami

Kundalini is a tantric art related to waking up and bring alive the seven Chakras. In this fascinating book, Om Swami describes his own experience through hours of meditation to make this possible.

The Power is Within You

The Power is Within You by Louise Hay, A Wonderful book full of wisdom. There are great insights in this book that helps to understand ourselves.

Footlong Fast Food

Footlong Fast Food has become very common and alternative to sandwich and burgers. These are some interesting details about Footlong.