Money and Income Secrets to Abundance

Income generates Money which creates Wealth

Abundance, along with money,  includes intangibles like Happiness, Fulfilment, Accomplishments, Friendships, Respect. 

Many people, often give importance to non monetary aspects of life, and blissfully and deliberately underplay the importance of money. 

No money comes without risk. Every work, every profession, every business is an adventure in risk. 

If people don't take care of the time element in their goal to achieve success and money, then the risk and efforts are a waste. A balance should always be exercised between the time element and success element for the desired prosperity to be meaningful. 


Career is a major determinant and provides a limit to the quantum of income and the money that one can have.

One can save on one's expenses. 


Saving by itself is a limited strategy ...The money saved must be invested. 


Habits, addictions, and temptations form an important aspect of our choices for expenditure.  



When it comes to matters of money, a very interesting way to save is defer the cash flow.  

Saving and investing is an essential part of personal finance. It requires some reason, and some rationality.