Make a Beginning

Make a Beginning

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It is very difficult to make a beginning. The reason is that we don’t have the perspective or the direction. The direction is necessary without which, how can we make the beginning.

Afterall, when we are standing at a crossroads, we even lose the sense of proper decision making. In such situation, it is very necessary to

1) First have a perspective
2) Firmly believe in that perspective
3) Take few decisive steps towards that perspective

It is wisely said that the journey of the mile begins with the first step. The point that the individual has to decide is:

1) Direction of his first steps (ie. Perspective)
2) Whether his decision is correct ? (Firm Belief is necessary)
3) Taking few steps (ie. Action is louder than words)

Action often reinforces our decision and helps us become more confident and sure about ourselves.

Therefore, don’t waver – make the beginning – NOW.

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